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A three-year PhD program: The joint PhD in Global History of Empires offers a distinctive three-year Ph.D. program of transnational and comparative history supported by a uniquely international and multicultural faculty. In the first year, doctoral students work on historiographical and methodological issues and focus on an in-depth exploration of selected central themes of global history of empires. In the second and third years, PhD students focus on their individual research, and are invited to present the results of their work at seminars and workshops.

Coursework: Teaching is held in English but linguistic diversity is encouraged in all our activities. A variety of research and training seminars is offered both at the University of Turin and at the Higher School of Economics and the respective Academic Services provide training tailored for the academic and professional development of doctoral students. As part of their training, they will be encouraged to participate in international conferences and summer schools organized by the PhD program, as well as by international and Italian research institutions and to organize graduate conferences on topics of common interest for groups of PhD candidates.

Supervision: Each PhD student is followed by two supervisors, one for each partner university, who are responsible for advising on research, career development and other matters.

Thesis monitoring: In order to help PhD students in the process of outlining and writing their PhD thesis, the program provides a series of on-on-one training sessions. During these sessions the supervisors offer guidance, advice and suggestions on how to prepare for end-of-year submissions.

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