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Global History of Empires PhD program 2021-2022 | Call

Published: Monday, May 24, 2021

The program: Global History of Empires is a joint doctoral program between the University of Turin (Italy) and the Higher School of Economics (Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russian Federation). The program provides a training and research environment in the fields of early modern, modern, and contemporary history, with a strong focus on its global dimension. It offers an interdisciplinary degree to graduate students who plan to research global issues such as conflicts, migrations, human rights, governance, environment, energy, technology, development, assuming that empires, far from being a relic of the past, left their imprint on the contemporary world in a variety of ways that we often fail to appreciate. Its aim is to enrich the understanding of the historical origins of the complex mosaic of institutions, practices, mindsets, and organizations that make up the world we live in.

Ph.D. program’s webpage

Funding amount: Annual stipend of € 17,5000.00; 50% increase of the scholarship for research abroad; up to 10% of the scholarship in research funds per year.

Starting date: November 2, 2021

Admission requirements: Candidates must possess an MA/MS degree by October 30, 2021, an excellent command of English, and possibly a second language other than their mother tongue. They must present a research project on a subject relevant to the Ph.D. program, a writing sample, and a CV following the format on the UniTo web site.

Online application system

Deadline: June 18, 2021, 12:00 am (CET)

Please visit the UNITO website for full details on eligibility and how to apply: 

For further information, please write to

Attached the .pdf file with all the information.

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